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Pretty Things - S. F. Sorrow (Japan Edition) (1968) CD

Year: December 1968, (CD Jun 27, 2007)
Label: Victor Records (Japan), VICP-63814
Style: Rock Opera, Psichedelia, Rock
Country: London, England
Time: 67:46
Format: Flac Tracks 16/44,1 kHz
Size: 408 Mb

I'm not getting into the discussion over whether S. F. Sorrow kicks the shit out of Tommy or whether Tommy bashes the chitlins out of S. F. Sorrow. It's clear that, since S. F. Sorrow came out first, Townshend was heavily influenced by the storyline and the concept in general; however, if you hear misguided rants about how S. F. Sorrow has no pretentions and no bombast as opposed to Pete's overbloated project, don't you go around believing it - this is an equally mystical and convoluted tale, with a plot that's even harder to guess, especially if you haven't read the story it is supposed to accompany, and while the subject matter of Sorrow is a wee bit more grounded (after all, the protagonist does have to deal with a lot of ordinary life problems before having his magical dream about Baron Saturday), the overall message is even less clear than that of Tommy. And that's all I'm gonna say. Draw your conclusions yourself after you've heard this.
But one thing's for certain - hear this you must, as it's undoubtedly the Great Lost Psychedelic album of the Sixties. The Pretties are really one unjustly forgotten band: having achieved no success with their gritty blend of R'n'B and having effectively reinvented themselves as one of swinging London's coolest psycho outfits, they achieved even less success. R'n'B fans naturally thought they were betrayed, and as for the new breed of hippies and loony Tolkienists, they didn't want no aliens, being perfectly happy when entertained by the likes of Barrett's Pink Floyd, Marc Bolan and the Soft Machine. As a result, S. F. Sorrow bypassed the public eye completely, and it's a shame.
(full version:

01. S.F. Sorrow Is Born (03:08)
02. Bracelets Of Fingers (03:39)
03. She Says Good Morning (03:19)
04. Private Sorrow (03:50)
05. Balloon Burning (03:47)
06. Death (03:05)
07. Baron Saturday (03:58)
08. The Journey (02:46)
09. I See You (03:56)
10. Well Of Destiny (01:45)
11. Trust (02:45)
12. Old Man Going (03:07)
13. Loneliest Person (01:26)
14. Defecting Grey (Bonus) (05:10)
15. Defecting Grey (Bonus Single A) (04:28)
16. Mr. Evasion (Bonus Single B) (03:28)
17. Talkin' About The Good Times (Bonus) (03:43)
18. Walking Through My Dreams (Bonus) (03:36)
19. She Says Good Morning (Bonus Live 1969) (03:44)
20. Alexander (Bonus Live 1969) (02:57)

Pretty-Things68-SFSorrow-book-1 Pretty-Things68-SFSorrow-cover-side-A Pretty-Things68-SFSorrow-cover-side-B

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