Thursday, July 28, 2016

Stray - Mudanzas (1973) (Vinyl Rip)

Year: 1973 (LP 1973)
Label: Transatlantic Records (UK), TRA 268
Style: Rock, Hard Rock
Country: UK
Time: 41:05
Format: Flac Tracks 16/44,1 kHz
Size: 275 Mb

Stray were originally formed an amazing 37 years ago at a school in West London when four 14-year-old pupils decided to form a group. Calling themselves "Stray", the band managed to get regular bookings playing mostly soul and R&B covers until guitarist Del Bromham started writing original material which was in a heavier and more psychedelic style. In 1968 they became the youngest band ever to play at the famous 'Roundhouse' and two years later, still only 17 and 18 years old, signed with 'Transatlantic Records'. The first album, Stray is widely regarded as one of the most accomplished debut albums ever, particularly from such a young band.

01. A1 Changes (01:04)
02. A2 Come On Over (04:15)
03. A3 Alright Ma (03:11)
04. A4 Oil Fumes And Sea Air (04:58)
05. A5 Gambler (03:38)
06. A6 Hallelujah (03:24)
07. B1 I Believe It (06:48)
08. B2 Pretty Things (05:52)
09. B3 Soon As You've Grown (02:44)
10. B4 Leave It Down To Us (05:06)

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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Deep Purple - Fireball (1971) (Vinyl 1st Press)

Year: 1971 (LP 1971, 1st Press)
Label: Harvest Records, EMI Records (UK), SHVL 793
Style: Hard Rock
Country: UK
Time: 40:17
Format: Flac Tracks 16/44,1
Size: 261 Mb

Most of the band does not consider the album a classic, although it is one of Ian Gillan's favourites. He stated in a 1974 interview: "The reason I liked that so much was because I thought, from a writing point of view, it was really the beginning of tremendous possibilities of expression. And some of the tracks on that album are really, really inventive." However, Gillan also said that the inclusion of "Anyone's Daughter" on the album was "A good bit of fun, but a mistake." (Wikipedia)
Matrix - SideA: SHVL 793A-2U PEK, SideB: SHVL 793A-3U

01. A1 Fireball (03:23)
02. A2 No No No (06:52)
03. A3 Demon's Eye (05:19)
04. A4 Anyone's Daughter (04:41)
05. B1 The Mule (05:19)
06. B2 Fools (08:16)
07. B3 No One Came (06:24)

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Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Who - Tommy (1969) (Vinyl 2LP)

Year: 1969 (LP 1969)
Label: Track Records (UK), 613013
Style: Classic Rock, Rock Opera
Country: UK
Time: 40:04, 34:19
Format: Flac Tracks 16/44,1 kHz
Size: 274, 253 Mb

Tommy is the fourth studio album by the English rock band The Who, a double album first released in May 1969. The album was mostly composed by guitarist Pete Townshend as a rock opera that tells the story about a deaf, dumb and blind boy, including his experiences with life and his relationship with his family. (Wikipedia)

01. A1 Overture (03:51)
02. A2 It's A Boy (02:03)
03. A3 1921 (02:46)
04. A4 Amazing Journey (02:33)
05. A5 Sparks (04:30)
06. A6 Eyesight To The Blind (a) (02:13)
07. B1 Christmas (04:32)
08. B2 Cousin Kevin (b) (04:04)
09. B3 The Acid Queen (03:32)
10. B4 Underture (09:56)

01. C1 Do You Think It's Alright (00:24)
02. C2 Fiddle About (b) (01:29)
03. C3 Pinball Wizard (03:00)
04. C4 There's A Doctor (00:24)
05. C5 Go To The Mirror (03:46)
06. C6 Tommy Can You Hear Me (01:34)
07. C7 Smash The Mirror (01:35)
08. C8 Sensation (02:26)
09. D1 Miracle Cure (00:12)
10. D2 Sally Simpson (04:10)
11. D3 I'm Free (02:39)
12. D4 Welcome (04:31)
13. D5 Tommy's Holiday Camp (00:57)
14. D6 We're Not Gonna Take It (07:04)

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Monday, July 18, 2016

Jethro Tull - Thick As A Brick (1972) (Vinyl Rip)

Year: 1972 (LP 1972)
Label: Reprise Records (USA), MS 2072
Style: Gothic Rock, Art-Rock
Country: UK
Time: 43:27
Format: Flac Tracks 16/44,1
Size: 279 Mb

Thick as a Brick was considered by some to be Jethro Tull's first progressive rock offering, coming four years after the release of their first album (1968). The epic album is notable for its many musical themes, time signature changes and tempo shifts – all of which were features of the progressive rock scene. In addition, the instrumentation includes harpsichord, xylophone, timpani, violin, lute, trumpet, saxophone, and a string section—all uncommon in the band's earlier blues-inspired rock.
Matrix side A: T2MS-2072 31378-1-1, Matrix side B: TMS-2072 31379-1-1 (1st Press ???)

01. A1 Thick As A Brick (Part I) (22:25)
02. A2 Thick as a Brick (Part II) (21:02)

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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Jethro Tull - Living In The Past (1972) (Vinyl 2LP)

Year: 1972 (LP 1972)
Label: Chrysalis Records (UK), CJT1 & CJT2
Style: Art-Rock
Country: UK
Time: 40:00, 41:56
Format: Flac Tracks 16/44,1
Size: 252, 253 Mb

Living in the Past is a double album quasi-compilation collection by Jethro Tull, which contains album tracks, out-takes, the "Life Is a Long Song" EP, and all of their non-LP singles except for "Sunshine Day"/"Aeroplane" (1968), "One for John Gee" (b-side of "A Song for Jeffrey", 1968), "17" (b-side of "Sweet Dream", 1969) and the original version of "Teacher" that appeared in the UK as the b-side of "Witch's Promise" in 1969 (the re-recorded 1970 one that was released on the American version of "Benefit" was included instead). (Wikipedia)
Matrix: Side1: CJT1 A-1U, Side2: CJT1 B-1U, Side3: CJT2 A-3U, Side4: CJT2 B-1U

01. A1 A Song For Jeffrey (03:21) (from the album This Was)
02. A2 Love Story (03:07) (1969 UK single)
03. A3 Christmas Song (03:05) (1969 UK single)
04. A4 Living In The Past (03:22) (1969 UK single)
05. A5 Driving Song (02:42) (1969 UK single)
06. A6 Bouree (03:42) (Bourree in E minor by Bach arr. Jethro Tull) (from the album Stand Up)
07. B1 Sweet Dream (04:03) (1969 UK single)
08. B2 Singing All Day (03:05) (previously unreleased)
09. B3 Witch's Promise (04:10) (1970 UK single)
10. B4 Teacher (03:52) (1970 UK single)
11. B5 Inside (03:46) (from the album Benefit)
12. B6 Just Trying To Be (01:39) (previously unreleased)

01. C1 By Kind Permission Of (10:15) (Live at Carnegie Hall, 4 November 1970) (previously unreleased)
02. C2 Dharma For One (09:44) (Live at Carnegie Hall, 4 November 1970) (previously unreleased)
03. D1 Wond'ring Again (04:13) (previously unreleased, recorded in 1970 Aqualung sessions)
04. D2 Locomotive Breath (04:26) (from the album Aqualung)
05. D3 Life Is A Long Song (03:19) (from 1971 UK EP)
06. D4 Up The Pool (03:13) (from 1971 UK EP)
07. D5 Dr. Bogenbroom (03:00) (from 1971 UK EP)
08. D6 For Later (02:07) (from 1971 UK EP)
09. D7 Nursie (01:35) (from 1971 UK EP)

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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Harry Nilsson - Nilsson Schmilsson (1971) (Vinyl, Rip)

Year: 1971 (LP 1971)
Label: RCA International Records (UK), INTS 5002, NL 13464
Style: Rock
Country: USA
Time: 35:00
Format: Flac Tracks 16/44,1 kHz
Size: 203 Mb

Nilsson Schmilsson is the seventh album by American singer Harry Nilsson, released by RCA Records in November 1971. It was Nilsson's most commercially successful work, producing three of his best-known songs. Among these was the number 1 hit "Without You", written by Pete Ham and Tom Evans of the group Badfinger. The album was the first of two Nilsson albums recorded in London and produced by Richard Perry.
"Jump into the Fire" and "Coconut", both written by Nilsson, also became hits. The album performed well at the 1973 Grammy Awards, earning a nomination for Album of the Year, while "Without You" won the Grammy for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance. In 2006, Nilsson Schmilsson was ranked number 84 on Pitchfork Media's "Top 100 Albums of the 1970s". (Wikipedia)
Matrix side A: INTS 5002-A-IE A1R, side B: INTS 5002-B-IE A2L

01. A1 Gotta Get Up (02:23)
02. A2 Driving Along (02:03)
03. A3 Early In The Morning (02:46)
04. A4 The Moonbeam Song (03:20)
05. A5 Down (03:22)
06. B1 Without You (03:20)
07. B2 Coconut (03:50)
08. B3 Let The Good Times Roll (02:44)
09. B4 Jump Into The Fire (06:54)
10. B5 I'll Never Leave You (04:15)

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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Renaissance - Renaissance (1969) (Vinyl Rip)

Year: 1969 (LP 1976)
Label: Island Records (UK), ILPS 9114
Style: Symphonic Rock
Country: UK
Time: 39:08
Format: Flac Tracks 16/44,1 kHz
Size: 222 Mb

Matrix side A: ILPS 9114 A-6U, side B: ILPS 9114 B-5U Pecko

01. A1 Kings and Queens (10:52)
02. A2 Innocence (07:02)
03. B1 Island (05:57)
04. B2 Wanderer (04:02)
05. B3 Bullet (11:14)

Prelistening Renaissance - Renaissance 1969 Vinyl Full Album: Dailymotion