Saturday, August 30, 2014

Emerson Lake and Palmer - Trilogy (1972) (Vinyl 1st press)

Year: 1972 (LP 1972, 1st Press)
Label: Island Records (UK), ILPS 9186
Style: Symphonic Rock
Country: UK
Time: 42:44
Format: Flac Tracks 16/44,1
Size: 255 Mb

The album reached #5 on the Billboard 200 and peaked at #2 on the UK album charts.
Matrix Side A: ILPS 9186 A-2U, Side B: ILPS 9186 B-2U.

01. A1 The Endless Enigma (Part One) (06:49)
02. A2 Fugue (01:55)
03. A3 The Endless Enigma (Part Two) (02:03)
04. A4 From The Beginning (04:17)
05. A5 The Sheriff (03:25)
06. A6 Hoedown (03:45)
07. B1 Trilogy (09:00)
08. B2 Living Sin (03:13)
09. B3 Abaddon's Bolero (08:13)

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Deep Purple - Deep Purple In Rock (1970) (Vinyl, Lossless, Mp3)

Year: 1970 (LP 1970)
Label: Harvest Records (UK), SHVL 777
Style: Hard Rock
Country: UK
Time: 43:28
Format: Mp3 320 kbps, Flac Tracks 16/44,1
Size: Mp3 108, Lossless 272 Mb

Deep Purple in Rock was their breakthrough album in Europe and would peak at No. 4 in the UK, remaining in the charts for months. (The band's prior MK I albums had been much better received in North America than in their homeland.) The album was supported by the hugely successful In Rock World Tour which lasted 15 months.

Жаль, что первая композиция записана так плохо. На каких бы звуковых носителях её не слушал всегда хочется чтобы она побыстрее закончилась. Думаю Блэкмор сейчас сожалеет, что они решили записать её тогда в таком звучании.
Matrix side 1: SHVL 777 A-2, Side 2: SHVL 777 B-1

01. A1 Speed King (05:52)
02. A2 Bloodsucker (04:12)
03. A3 Child In Time (10:15)
04. B1 Flight Of The Rat (07:55)
05. B2 Into The Fire (03:30)
06. B3 Living Wreck (04:32)
07. B4 Hard Lovin Man (07:09)

Prelistening Deep Purple In Rock:

Применявшиеся при оцифровке аудиокомпоненты и программы:
-Источник оцифровки: автор новости
-Проигрыватель (Turntable) - Dual CS 505-4 (UPGRADE)
-Картридж (Cartridge) - Goldring 1012GX (MM)
-Фонокорректор (Phonostage) - Creek OBH-15 (MM MC)
-Звуковая карта (Sound Card) - E-MU 0404
-Межблочный кабель (Interconnect cable) - Van Den Hul D-102V (with RCA connectors Van Den Hul C-7.3), переходники (adapters) - SWITCHCRAFT 345AX
-Программа для оцифровки Sound Forge Pro 10.0b, для редактирования (если применялась) - iZotope RX2

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Monday, August 11, 2014

Barclay James Harvest - Octoberon (1976) (mp3, Lossless)

Year: 1976 (CD - 1984)
Label: Polydor (Germany), 821 930-2
Style: Art Rock
Country: UK
Time: 45:13
Format: Mp3 320 kbps, Flac Tracks 16/44,1
Size: mp3 108 Mb, Flac 252 Mb

01. The World Goes On (06:30)
02. May Day (08:00)
03. Ra (07:21)
04. Rock 'n' Roll Star (05:18)
05. Polk Street Rag (05:40)
06. Believe In Me (04:24)
07. Suicide? (07:56)

CD издан в 1984 году на западногерманской фирме Polydor. Наверное мало кто у нас в стране слышал в 84-м году о существовании "CD".

Музыка представляет из себя мелодичный Симфо-Рок.

Prelistening Barclay Octoberon (1976):

Download (Turbobit, DepositFiles) mp3 320 kbps:
Barclay Octoberon (1976) mp3 320kbps (Turbobit)

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Barclay Octoberon (1976) 16/44 Flac (Turbobit)

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Yes - Fragile (1971) (Vinyl, Lossless, Mp3)

Year: 1971 (LP ?)
Label: Atlantic Records (Germany), K 50 009
Style: Sympho Rock
Country: UK
Time: 40:42
Format: Mp3 320 kbps, Flac Tracks 16/44,1
Size: Mp3 107, Lossless 242 Mb

Fragile is the fourth studio album from the English progressive rock band Yes, released in November 1971 on Atlantic Records. It is their first album recorded with keyboardist Rick Wakeman after the departure of Tony Kaye earlier in the year. Formed of nine tracks, four of which are group performances while five are solo features written by each member. It marked the band's first collaboration with artist Roger Dean, who would design their logo and many of their future covers.
Fragile was the band's greatest commercial and critical success at the time of its release. It peaked at number 4 in the US and number 7 in the UK. "Roundabout" was released as a single in the US and is one of the band's best-known songs. The album is certified double Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America for selling over two million copies.
Matrix side A: R/S Alsdorf 50009 A2, side B R/S Alsdorf 50009 B2 STRAWBERRY

01. A1 Roundabout (08:31)
02. A2 Cans And Brahms (01:40)
03. A3 We Have Heaven (01:38)
04. A4 South Side Of The Sky (07:38)
05. B1 Five Per Cent For Nothing (00:38)
06. B2 Long Distance Runaround (03:31)
07. B3 The Fish (Schindleria Praematurus) (02:39)
08. B4 Mood For A Day (03:01)
09. B5 Heart Of The Sunrise (11:24)

Prelistening Yes - Fragile (1971):

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(Turbobit) Flac 16/44 Yes Fragile

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(Hulkfile) Flac 16/44 Yes Fragile
(Xerver) Flac 16/44 Yes Fragile
(Privatefiles) Flac 16/44 Yes Fragile
(Turbobit) Flac 16/44 Yes Fragile

Monday, August 4, 2014

The Who - Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy (1971) (Vinyl, Lossless, Mp3)

Year: 1971 (LP 1971)
Label: Track Records (UK), 2406 006
Style: Rock
Country: UK
Time: 43:41
Format: Mp3 320 kbps, Flac Tracks 16/44,1
Size: Mp3 110, Lossless 295 Mb

Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy is a compilation album of singles by British rock band the Who, released in 1971 as Track 2406 006 in the UK and as Decca DL 79184 in the US. It entered the US Billboard 200 chart on 20 November 1971, peaking at number 11, and the UK chart on 3 December 1971, peaking at number 9. In 1987, Rolling Stone magazine ranked it #99 on their list of the 100 best albums of the period 1967–1987. Matrix side 1: 2406006 A//1 11 8 PORKY, side2: 2406006 B//1 13 9 PECKO.

01. A1 I Can't Explain (02:06)
02. A2 The Kids Are Alright (02:47)
03. A3 Happy Jack (02:12)
04. A4 I Can See For Miles (04:08)
05. A5 Pictures Of Lily (02:44)
06. A6 My Generation (03:19)
07. A7 The Seeker (03:11)
08. B1 Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere (02:43)
09. B2 Pinball Wizard (03:02)
10. B3 A Legal Matter (02:49)
11. B4 Boris The Spider (02:32)
12. B5 Magic Bus (04:30)
13. B6 Substitute (03:49)
14. B7 I'm A Boy (03:43)

 Prelistening Who Meaty Beaty:

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(Turbobit) Flac 16/44 Who Meaty Beaty

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Cilla Black - Anyone Who Had A Heart (1964) (Vinyl EP 45RPM, Lossless, Mp3)

Year: 1964 (EP 1964)
Label: Parlophone Records (UK), GEP 8901
Style: Pop
Country: UK (Liverpool)
Time: 09:01
Format: Mp3 320 kbps, Flac Tracks 16/44,1
Size: Mp3 26, Lossless 63 Mb

Cilla Black с хитом "Anyone Who Had A Heart". Песня была написана в 63 году Burt Bacharach и записана американской певицей Dionne Warwick в ноябре 63-го. В её исполнении в начале 64-го в Англии добралась до 47 места. В Англии же песню записала Cilla Black и в течении двух недель, в феврале 64-го, песня в её исполнении взлетела до первого места и продержалась на первом месте три недели.

01. A1 Anyone Who Had A Heart (02:53)
02. A2 Just For You (02:00)
03. B1 Love Of The Loved (02:03)
04. B2 Shy Of Love (02:04)

Prelistening Cilla Black - Anyone Who Had:

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Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Dave Clark Five - Hits Of The Dave Clark Five (1965) (Vinyl EP 45RPM, Lossless, Mp3)

Year: 1965 (EP 1965)
Label: Columbia Records (UK), SEG 8381
Style: Beat
Country: UK
Time: 09:42
Format: Flac Tracks 16/44,1 kHz
Size: 73 Mb

Вот оно настоящее британское вторжение. Вот она настоящая энергетика. К сожалению запись немного грязноватая - возможно сделано специально чтобы чувствовалась мощь.
Болванка отлита в 65-м. EP - четыре песни на 45 оборотов в Mono. Matrix Side 1: 7TCA 2290-1N, Side 1: 7TCA 2291-1N

01. A1 Glad All Over (02:46)
02. A2 Can't You See That She's Mine (02:24)
03. B1 Thinking Of You Baby (02:33)
04. B2 Bits And Pieces (01:57)

Prelistening Hits Of The Dave Clark Five:

Password: ggggg

(Turbobit) Flac 16/44 Dave Clark 5

Friday, August 1, 2014

Monkees - More Of The Monkees (1966) (Vinyl, mp3, Lossless)

Year: 1966 (LP 1967)
Label: RCA Victor Records (UK), RD 7868
Style: Pop
Country: USA
Time: 28:38
Format: Mp3 320 kbps, Flac Tracks 16/44,1
Size: Mp3 74, Lossless 179 Mb

More of the Monkees is the second full-length album by the Monkees. It was recorded in late 1966 and released on Colgems label #102 on January 9, 1967. It displaced the band's debut album from the top of the Billboard 200 chart and remained at No.1 for 18 weeks—the longest of any Monkees album. Combined, the first two Monkees albums were at the top of the Billboard chart for 31 consecutive weeks. More of the Monkees also went to No.1 in the UK. In the U.S. it has been certified quintuple platinum by the RIAA with sales of more than five million copies. More of the Monkees is also notable for being the first pop/rock album to be the best-selling album of the year in the U.S. (Wikipedia)

01. A1 She (02:40)
02. A2 When Love Comes Knockin' (At Your Door) (01:49)
03. A3 Mary, Mary (02:19)
04. A4 Hold On Girl (02:29)
05. A5 Your Auntie Grizelda (02:30)
06. A6 (I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone (02:24)
07. B1 Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow) (02:17)
08. B2 The Kind Of Girl I Could Love (01:53)
09. B3 The Day We Fall In Love (02:25)
10. B4 Sometime In The Morning (02:30)
11. B5 Laugh (02:30)
12. B6 I'm A Believer (02:48)

Prelistening - Monkees - More Of The Monkees 1966 Vinyl Full Album: Dailymotion

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