Saturday, August 5, 2017

Pink Floyd - Obscured by Clouds (1972) (Vinyl)

Year: 1972 (LP 1972)
Label: EMI Records, Harvest Records (UK), SHSP 4020, IE 062 05054
Style: Rock, Progressive Rock
Country: London, England
Time: 40:00
Format: Flac Tracks 16/44,1 kHz
Size: 225 Mb

Obscured by Clouds is the seventh studio album by the English progressive rock band Pink Floyd, based on their soundtrack for the French film La Vall?e, by Barbet Schroeder. It was released in the United Kingdom on 2 June 1972, and a few weeks later in the United States, by Harvest Records, reaching number 6 and number 46 respectively. A single, "Free Four", was issued in the US only.
The album was something of a stopgap for the band, who had already started work on The Dark Side of the Moon, and was recorded in two sessions in France between touring, with three days for mixing. The original plan was to just record small sections of music, but they ultimately created enough songs for a complete album.

David Gilmour (born 6 March 1946) – guitars, pedal steel guitar, EMS VCS 3 synthesizer, vocals
Nick Mason (born 27 January 1944) – drums, percussion
Roger Waters (born 6 September 1943) – bass guitar, vocals
Richard Wright (28 July 1943 – 15 September 2008) – keyboards, vocals

01. A1 Obscured By Clouds (03:00)
02. A2 When You're In (02:27)
03. A3 Burning Bridges (03:29)
04. A4 The Gold It's In The (03:05)
05. A5 Wot's Uh The Deal (05:06)
06. A6 Mudmen (04:15)
07. B1 Childhood's End (04:29)
08. B2 Free Four (04:13)
09. B3 Stay (04:03)
10. B4 Absolutely Curtains (05:49)

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