Monday, July 31, 2017

Bobbysocks - Bobbysocks (1985) (Vinyl)

Year: 1985 (LP 1985)
Label: Melodia Records (Russia), C60 23927 005
Style: Pop
Country: Norway
Time: 31:21
Format: Flac Tracks 16/44,1 kHz
Size: 231 Mb

Bobbysocks! is a Norwegian pop duo consisting of Norwegian Hanne Krogh and Swedish-Norwegian Elisabeth Andreassen. They won the Eurovision Song Contest 1985 with the song "La det swinge" ("Let it swing").
The duo was formed in 1983. Both Krogh and Andreassen were frequent Eurovision contestants. Krogh has appeared three times, all for Norway - in 1971 as a soloist, with Bobbysocks! in 1985 and as part of Just 4 Fun in 1991. Andreassen sang for Sweden as one half of Chips in 1982 and after winning with Bobbysocks, teamed up with Jan Werner Danielsen in 1994 and sang solo in 1996. According to John Kennedy O'Connor's The Eurovision Song Contest - The Official History Andreassen is one of only five lead artists to sing in the contest on four occasions and is also one of only four artists to finish both first and second in Eurovision (1985 & 1996).

01. A1 Let It Swing (02:56)
02. A2 Midnight Rocks (02:49)
03. A3 Radio (04:01)
04. A4 Don't Bring Lulu (02:37)
05. A5 Little By Little (04:13)
06. B1 Shoo-Shoo-Baby (02:19)
07. B2 Adios (03:33)
08. B3 Cross Over The Bridge (02:30)
09. B4 The Booglie-Wooglie Piggy (02:21)
10. B5 Go On Shakin (03:58)

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