Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Deep Purple - Deep Purple (1969) (Vinyl 180g)

Year: June 1969 (US), September 1969 (UK) (LP ????)
Label: Tetragrammaton Records (USA), T-119
Style: Classic Rock, Hard Rock
Country: Hertford, Hertfordshire, England
Time: 43:58
Format: Flac Tracks 16/44,1 kHz
Size: 268 Mb

"Tetragrammaton" issued the album in a stark gatefold sleeve, wrapped around with a segmented illustration from Hieronymus Bosch's painting "The Garden of Earthly Delights". The label ran into difficulty over the use of the Museo del Prado-owned painting, which was incorrectly perceived in the US as being anti-religious, featuring immoral scenes, and was thus rejected or poorly stocked by many record shops. The original painting is in colour although it appeared on the LP in monochrome due to a printing error for the original layout and the band opted to keep it that way. The same Bosch painting (in colour) had previously been used as an album cover two years before by Pearls Before Swine on their debut One Nation Underground.

Rod Evans – lead vocals
Ritchie Blackmore – guitar
Jon Lord – keyboards, backing vocals
Nick Simper – bass, backing vocals
Ian Paice – drums
Derek Lawrence – producer, mixing

01. A1 Chasing Shadows (05:31)
02. A2 Blind (05:22)
03. A3 Lalena (05:03)
04. A4a Fault Line, A4b The Painter (05:30)
05. B1 Why Didn't Rosemary (04:59)
06. B2 Bird Has Flown (05:32)
07. B3 April (11:58)

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