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Stars On 45 - The Superstars (1982) (Vinyl, Lossless, mp3)

Year: 1982 (LP 1984)
Label: Мелодия (USSR), C60 20537 006
Style: Pop
Country: Netherlands
Time: 30:46
Format: Mp3 320 kbps, Flac Tracks 16/44,1
Size: Mp3 82 Mb, Lossless 216 Mb

01 A1 Рок-н-Роллы (15:58)
02 B1 Песни Стива Уандера И Других Исполнителей (07:43)
03 B2 Песни Других Исполнителей (07:04)

Stars on 45 was a Dutch novelty pop act that was briefly very popular in the United Kingdom, throughout Europe, the United States and Australia in 1981. The group later shortened its name to Stars On in the U.S., while in the U.K. and Ireland it was known as Starsound. The band, which consisted solely of studio session musicians under the direction of Jaap Eggermont, formerly of Golden Earring, popularized the medley, by recreating hit songs as faithfully as possible and stringing them together, with a common tempo and relentless underlying drum track.

Применявшиеся при оцифровке аудиокомпоненты и программы:
-Источник оцифровки: автор новости
-Проигрыватель (Turntable) - Dual CS 505-4 (UPGRADE)
-Картридж (Cartridge) - Goldring 1012GX
-Фонокорректор (Phonostage) - Creek OBH-15 (MM MC)
-Звуковая карта (Sound Card) - E-MU 0404
-Межблочный кабель (Interconnect cable) - Van Den Hul D-102V (with RCA connectors Van Den Hul C-7.3), переходники (adapters) - SWITCHCRAFT 345AX
-Программа для оцифровки Sound Forge Pro 10.0b, для редактирования (если применялась) - iZotope RX2

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