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Stars On 45 - Звёзды Дискотек (LP1) (1981) (Vinyl, Lossless, mp3)

Year: 1981 (LP 1983)
Label: Melodia (USSR), C60 18941 003
Style: Pop
Country: Netherlands
Time: 33:08
Format: Mp3 320 kbps, Flac Tracks 16/44,1
Size: Mp3 89 Mb, Lossless 235 Mb

Long Play Album was the first album by the Dutch soundalike studio group Stars on 45, released on the CNR Records label in The Netherlands in 1981. In the US the album was retitled Stars On Long Play, released on Atlantic Records' sublabel Radio Records and credited to 'Stars On'. In the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand the group was renamed 'Starsound' (on certain releases spelt StarSound or Star Sound) and the album itself was listed as Stars On 45 or Stars On 45 - The Album and released by Columbia RecordsCBS Records. In Spanish-speaking countries both the group and the album were launched under a fourth name: Estrellas en 45. Stars On 45 was also one of the very few Western pop albums to be officially released in the Soviet Union and large parts of the Eastern Bloc on the state-owned Melodiya label, credited to Stars On 45 but the Russian title of the album translates as Discothèque Stars. In the Philippines, it was released and uses "Stars on 45 Long Play Album" as its title on the label of the LP (Manufactured and printed by Dyna Products, Inc. under license from PhonoGram International B.V., Baarn, the Netherlands, using Mercury label [Violet background, silver foreground]).
Following the chart success of the first "Stars on 45" single producer Jaap Eggermont took the original 12" mix of the medley, a re-recording of the Canadian bootleg release "Let's Do It In The 80's - Great Hits" a.k.a. "Bits and Pieces III", which included both excerpts from various hits from the 50's, 60's and 70's as well as the four-minute Beatles cover segment ("No Reply"/"I'll Be Back"/"Drive My Car"/"Do You Want to Know a Secret"/"We Can Work It Out"/"I Should Have Known Better"/"Nowhere Man"/"You're Going to Lose That Girl") and divided it into two separate medleys. The Beatles part was extended to a whole 16-minute medley which took up the entire Side A of the vinyl album, with excerpts from another 21 Beatles titles plus George Harrison's solo hit "My Sweet Lord" being recorded and added plus two reprises of the "Stars On 45" theme.

01. A1 Beatles Cover (15:49)
02. B1 Various Cover (08:09)
03. B2 Rock 'n Roll (performed Long Tall Ernie and The Shakers) (04:37)
04. B3 Golden Rock & Roll (performed Long Tall Ernie and The Shakers) (04:31)

Prelistening Stars On 45 LP1 (1981):

Применявшиеся при оцифровке аудиокомпоненты и программы:
-Источник оцифровки: автор новости
-Проигрыватель (Turntable) - Rega P2 (UPGRADE)
-Картридж (Cartridge) - Denon DL-160 (MC)
-Фонокорректор (Phonostage) - Creek OBH-15 (MM MC)
-Звуковая карта (Sound Card) - E-MU 0404
-Межблочный кабель (Interconnect cable) - Van Den Hul D-102V (with RCA connectors Van Den Hul C-7.3), переходники (adapters) - SWITCHCRAFT 345AX
-Программа для оцифровки Sound Forge Pro 10.0b, для редактирования (если применялась) - iZotope RX2

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