Sunday, December 25, 2016

The Beatles - Rubber Soul (1965) (Russian Vinyl)

Year: 1965 (LP 1992) (Unofficial Release)
Label: AnTrop Records (USSR), П91 00215
Style: Classic Rock
Country: Liverpool, England
Time: 35:38
Format: Flac Tracks 16/44,1 kHz
Size: 252 Mb

This Russian edition is a copy of the UK version of the album but with altered sleeve design. The front side of the sleeve by AnTrop has Russian version of the album title printed over the English one. Russian title РЕЗИНОВАЯ ДУША is pronounced roughly as rr-e-z-‘ee-n-o-v-ah-ya    d-oo-sh-‘ah.
To be sensible of the fact that Boris Neverovskiy's discography shows March 5, 1992 as the release date for this LP, but all known sleeve variations state 1991, it can be assumed that the sleeve layout was prepared long before the album release.

01. A1 Drive My Car (02:27)
02. A2 Norwegian Wood (02:06)
03. A3 You Won't See Me (03:21)
04. A4 Nowhere Man (02:43)
05. A5 Think For Yourself (02:19)
06. A6 The Word (02:41)
07. A7 Michelle (02:42)
08. B1 What Goes On (02:49)
09. B2 Girl (02:32)
10. B3 I'm Looking Through You (02:27)
11. B4 In My Life (02:27)
12. B5 Wait (02:16)
13. B6 If I Needed Someone (02:23)
14. B7 Run For Your Life (02:19)

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