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Arabesque - Arabesque (1980-1983) (Vinyl)

Year: 1980-1983 (LP 1984 ?)
Label: Melodia Records (Russia), C60 20963 008
Style: Pop, Disco
Country: Frankfurt, Germany
Time: 35:16
Format: Flac Tracks 16/44,1 kHz
Size: 254 Mb

Arabesque was an all-girl trio formed at the height of the European disco era in 1977 in Frankfurt, Germany. The group's changing lineup worked with the German composer Jean Frankfurter (Erich Lie?mann) and became especially popular in Japan and the USSR.
In 1975, children's music singer Mary Ann Nagel proposed a girl group to producer Wolfgang Mewes, who accepted. Two additional members were recruited through a song contest. An Englishwoman (Karen Ann Tepperis), a German-Mexican (Michaela Rose), and a German (Mary Ann Nagel) comprised the initial group.
After the first album, the band lineup changed by keeping only the original member Michaela Rose, while replacing the two other girls, Karen Ann Tepperis and Mary Ann Nagel, with new members Jasmin Vetter and Heike Rimbeau, respectively. Nagel was replaced due to her becoming tired of the long daily commute from Karlsruhe to Frankfurt am Main, where the group was based. Tepperis was replaced due to the fact that she was pregnant and could not go on tour. The surprising overnight success of Hello Mr. Monkey in Japan prompted the producers to schedule an immediate tour to Japan. The duration of Heike Rimbeau in the group was also short-lived; due to her pregnancy in 1978, she was briefly substituted with Elke Bruckheimer. This German country singer appeared only in a few live performances during the year 1979. However, shortly afterward, she too was replaced by Sandra Lauer. Lauer had previously attended the Young Star Music contest in 1975, where she achieved a record deal and released the song "Andy mein Freund" ("My Friend Andy").
In 1979, at age 17, Lauer was invited to become the lead singer of Arabesque. The trio (Lauer, Vetter, Rose) would remain in this lineup from 1979 until their split in 1984.

Members: Jasmin Vetter, Michaela Rose, Sandra Lauer

01. A1 In For A Penny, In For A Pound (03:02)
02. A2 Don't Fall Away From Me (03:39)
03. A3 I Stand By You (03:50)
04. A4 Zanzibar (03:44)
05. A5 Born To Reggae (03:32)
06. B1 Billy's Barbeque (02:51)
07. B2 Young Fingers Get Burnt (03:12)
08. B3 Caballero (04:03)
09. B4 Blackout (03:31)
10. B5 The End Of The Show (04:20)


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