Thursday, July 20, 2017

Status Quo - Dog Of Two Head (1971) (CD)

Year: 1971 (LP 1990)
Label: Castle Music (USA), CMAR620
Style: Rock
Country: London, England
Time: 55:30
Format: Flac Tracks 16/44,1 kHz
Size: 350 Mb

Dog of Two Head is a 1971 rock album by Status Quo released by Pye Records, their fourth studio album. At the time of recording, the band consisted of Francis Rossi (credited on the sleeve as Mike Rossi), Rick Parfitt (credited as Ritchie Parfitt), Alan Lancaster and John Coghlan (credited as John Coughlan).
March 1971 saw the new four-man lineup of the band release another non-album single: a Rossi/Young song called "Tune to the Music". The single was not a hit. The band then set to work writing and recording a new album. A couple of the songs, such as the opening track "Umleitung" (German for 'diversion') had been written as far back as 1970.
In November 1971 the album was released.
A single from the album, Rossi and Young's "Mean Girl", was to become a UK #20 hit some time later, in April 1973, after they had their third top ten British hit single with "Paper Plane", from their next album Piledriver.

Francis Rossi (born 29 May 1949) - guitar, vocals
Rick Parfitt (12 October 1948 – 24 December 2016) - guitar, piano, vocals
Alan Lancaster (born 7 February 1949) - bass, guitar, vocals
John Coghlan (19 September 1946) - drums

01. Umleitung (07:11)
02. Nanana (00:52)
03. Something's Going On In My Head (04:45)
04. Mean Girl (03:54)
05. Nanana (01:13)
06. Gerdundula (03:50)
07. Railroad (05:29)
08. Someone's Learning (07:09)
09. Nanana (02:30)
10. Tune To the Music (unrel. ver.) (03:36)
11. Good Thinking (Batman) (unrel. ver.) (03:40)
12. Time To Fly (04:18)
13. Nanana (unrel. ver.) (02:58)
14. Mean Girl (unrel. ver.) (03:59)

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