Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Gillan - Glory Road + Bonus LP (1980) (Vinyl 2LP Limited Edition)

Year: 1980 (LP 1980)
Label: Virgin Records (UK), V 2171, VDJ 32
Style: Hard Rock
Country: Chiswick, London, England
Time: 43:32, 49:25
Format: Flac Tracks 16/44,1
Size: 274, 266 Mb

Glory Road came as a limited edition double LP, and contained the free LP For Gillan Fans Only. When Glory Road was eventually released on CD, most of the For Gillan Fans Only material was included as bonus tracks. However, "Higher and Higher", "Egg Timer" (a spoof of Samson's "Vice Versa" from the Head On album) and "Harry Lime Theme" failed to make it to CD until the 2CD 2007 Edsel remaster, which contains both the album and the whole of 'For Gillan Fans Only'. This latter release also has retrospective comments by Ian Gillan and the original artwork, plus pictures of various single picture-sleeves.

Ian Gillan – Vocals, Harmonica.
Colin Towns – Keyboards, Flute, Lead Vocals on "Egg Timer" (Vice Versa).
John McCoy – Bass guitar.
Bernie Torme – Guitar, Lead Vocals on "Come Tomorrow".
Mick Underwood – Drums.

01. A1 Unchain Your Brain (03:10)
02. A2 Are You Sure (04:03)
03. A3 Time And Again (05:03)
04. A4 No Easy Way (06:38)
05. A5 Sleeping On The Job (03:12)
06. B1 On The Rocks (06:39)
07. B2 If You Believe Me (07:37)
08. B3 Running, White Face, City Boy (03:12)
09. B4 Nervous (03:54)

01. C1 Higher And Higher (04:58)
02. C2 Your Mother Was Right (06:27)
03. C3 Redwatch (03:44)
04. C4 Abbey Of Thalema (06:07)
05. C5 Trying To Get To You (02:40)
06. D1 Come Tomorrow (03:28)
07. D2 Dragon's Tongue (05:31)
08. D3 Post Fade Brain Damage (05:07)
09. D4 Egg Timer (07:25)
10. D5 Harry Lime Theme (03:54)

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