Saturday, March 11, 2017

Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band - Strictly Personal (1968) (Vinyl)

Year: 1968 (LP 1969)
Label: Sunset Records (UK), SLS 50208
Style: Experimental rock, Blues rock, Avant-Garde
Country: Glendale, California, USA
Time: 38:30
Format: Flac Tracks 16/44,1 kHz
Size: 251 Mb

Strictly Personal is the second album by Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band. It was originally released in October 1968, almost a year after the band had initially taken to the studio to record the follow-up to 1967's Safe as Milk. The finished album has a controversial reputation owing to producer Bob Krasnow's use of audio effects when the tracks were mixed down in accordance with the psychedelic trends of the day. Beefheart subsequently condemned this production, which he said was done without his knowledge or approval, though he is said initially to have agreed to it.
Matrix side A: SLS 50208A-2U GM 2, SLS 50208B-2U GR 2

Don Van Vliet (January 15, 1941 - December 17, 2010) – vocals, harmonica
Alex St. Clair (September 14, 1941 – January 5, 2006) – guitar
Jeff Cotton (May 31, 1949) – guitar
Jerry Handley – bass
John French (September 29, 1948) – drums

Prelistening Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band - Strictly Personal 1969 Vinyl Full Album: eStream

01. A1 Ah Feel Like Ahcid (03:02)
02. A2 Safe As Milk (05:22)
03. A3 Trust Us (08:02)
04. A4 Son Of Mirror Man - Mere Man (05:17)
05. B1 On Tomorrow (03:24)
06. B2 Beatle Bones N' Smokin Stones (03:15)
07. B3 Gimme Dat Harp Boy (05:01)
08. B4 Kandy Korn (05:03)