Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Pretty Things - Silk Torpedo (1974) (Vinyl)

Year: 1974 (LP 1974)
Label: Swan Song Records (UK), SSK 59400
Style: Rhythm and Blues, Glam Rock
Country: London, England
Time: 42:12
Format: Flac Tracks 16/44,1
Size: 275 Mb

Silk Torpedo is the seventh album by English rock band The Pretty Things. This is their second album without Wally Waller, the group's rhythm guitarist-bassist since 1967. The album has more of a glam rock feel, a contrast from their early R&B years and their psychedelic years.
The album was the first to be released in the UK on the Swan Song Records label.

01. A1 Dream (06:46)
02. A2 Maybe You Tried (04:23)
03. A3 Atlanta (02:41)
04. A4 L A N T A (02:23)
05. A5 Is It Only Love (05:07)
06. B1 Come Home Momma (03:42)
07. B2 Bridge Of God (04:57)
08. B3 Singapore Silk Torpedo (05:13)
09. B4 Belfast Cowboys (06:56)

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