Sunday, April 19, 2015

Lucifer's Friend - Banquet (1974) (Repertoire CD, Lossless)

Year: 1974 (CD 1994)
Label: Repertoire Records (Germany), IMS 7017
Style: Rock
Country: Germany - UK
Time: 38:49
Format: Flac Tracks 16/44,1
Size: 268 Mb

In 1969 after a tour with his past band called Stonewall, the British-born singer John Lawton went to live to Germany, there he met Peter Hesslein, Dieter Horns, Peter Hecht, and Joachim Reitenbach, they were members of a band called The German Bonds, the five joined together to record an album under the band name of Asterix in 1970 and soon they changed their name to Lucifer's Friend, continuing their career under that name onwards.

01. Spanish Galleon (11:52)
02. Thus Spoke Oberon (06:47)
03. High Flying Lady - Goodbye (03:43)
04. Sorrow (11:39)
05. Dirty Old Town (04:46)

Prelistening Lucifer's Friend - Banquet (1974):

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(Turbobit) 16/44 Flac