Saturday, March 7, 2015

Stackridge - Extravaganza (1974) (Vinyl, Lossless)

Year: 1974 (LP 1974)
Label: Rocket Record (UK), PIGL 11
Style: Classic Rock
Country: Bristol, England
Time: 42:43
Format: Flac Tracks 16/44,1
Size: 266 Mb

Extravaganza is the fourth album by the British rock group Stackridge. The album was produced by Tony Ashton at AIR Studios, London.
The album was originally released in the UK on Elton John's label, The Rocket Record Company. Stackridge was the first group signed to the new label.
A different version of the album was released by Sire Records in the U.S and Canada. This version removed two songs already released on Pinafore Days and added "Do The Stanley" from a UK single and "The Indifferent Hedgehog" from the UK album The Man In The Bowler Hat.
Singer and songwriter Gordon Haskell rehearsed with Stackridge for a short time during 1974. Though Haskell decided not to join Stackridge they did keep one of his songs in their repertoire and decided to record it for Extravaganza. Originally called Worms, the song was re-titled No One's More Important Than the Earthworm.
The song "Happy In The Lord", written by Phil Welton, was a cover of a song originally performed by the band Fat Grapple, and released by them as a single in 1975.

01. A1 Spin Round The Room (02:44)
02. A2 Grease Paint Smiles (04:05)
03. A3 The Volunteer (05:08)
04. A4 Highbury Incident (Rainy July Morning) (04:03)
05. A5 Benjamin's Giant Onion (04:04)
06. A6 Happy In The Lord (03:50)
07. B1 Rufus T. Firefly (04:51)
08. B2 No One's More Important Than The Earthworm (05:13)
09. B3 Pocket Billiards (04:04)
10. B4 Who's That Up There With Bill Stokes (04:36)