Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Repin and Bron - Beethovenand Szymanowski (1986) (Vinyl)

Year: 1986
Label: Melodia Records (USSR), C10 24143 000
Style: Classical
Country: Russia
Time: 41:11
Format: Flac Tracks 16/44,1 kHz
Size: 267 Mb

This records presents two violins - a teacher and a pupil - Zakhar Bron and Vadim Repin. Both are winners of international compititions - Z. Bron of The Queen Elizabeth in Brussels (1971) and Wieniawski in Poznan (1977). In 1982 the 11-years-old Vadik Repin came first at the Wieniawski Young Violinists' Competition in Lublin.

01. A1 Two Romances For Violin And Orchestra (No 1 in G Major Op40) (07:23) (Beethoven - Vadim Repin)
02. A2 Two Romances For Violin And Orchestra (No 2 in F Major Op50) (09:48) (Beethoven - Vadim Repin)
03. B1 Concerto No 1 For Violin And Orchestra (In A Minor Op35) (23:59) (Szymanowski - Zakhar Bron)

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Beethoven and Szymanowski (1986) 16/44 Flac (Turbobit)