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Camel - The Snow Goose (1975) (Vinyl, Lossless, mp3)

Year: 1975 (LP 1975)
Label: Decca Records, Gama (UK), SKL-R 5207
Style: Sympho Rock
Country: UK
Time: 43:44
Format: Flac Tracks 16/44,1
Size: Lossless 262 Mb

The band considered several novels on which to base their next album. For a time they settled on Siddhartha, by Hermann Hesse, and some songs were written before the idea was abandoned in favour of Paul Gallico's novella The Snow Goose. The album's name, originally The Snow Goose was altered to Music Inspired by The Snow Goose to accommodate legal protests by Paul Gallico.[3] Gallico's protests were not, as is often[4][3][5][6] stated, motivated by a disapproval of smoking – Gallico was in fact a keen smoker[7] – but simply on the grounds of copyright infringement.[8] The album was originally due to feature lyrics based around Paul Gallico's text, but due to his objections, an instrumental was made instead. The music was mostly written during an intensive fortnight in a cottage in Devon, England.[3]
In January 1975 work on "Snow Goose" began at Island Studios in London with David Hitchcock undertaking production duties for the band once more and Rhett Davies as sound engineer. Overdubbed At Decca Studios was engineered by John Burns. The London Symphony Orchestra participated in the recording and composer and Conductor David Bedford was enlisted to write the highly evocative orchestral arrangements for Latimer and Bardens´ creation.
Doug's duffle coat, mentioned in the credits, was used by Andy Latimer and Doug Ferguson to simulate a flapping of wings by waving it in the air.
The album went on sale in April 1975, eventually reaching number 22 in UK album chart in the summer of the year (13 weeks on chart).Certified Silver. In USA the album was released on 19 July 1975, achieved a Billboard chart placing 162.
The album definitely opened the doors to international level and in the following years would achieve great prestige, especially in Europe and Japan. The album is considered one of the masterpieces of symphonic rock.(Wikipedia)

01. A1 The Great Marsh (02:05)
02. A2 Rhayader (03:02)
03. A3 Rhayader Goes To Town (05:20)
04. A4 a. Sanctuary b. Fritha (02:31)
05. A5 The Snow Goose (03:08)
06. A6 a. Friendship b. Migration c. Rhayader Alone (05:41)
07. B1 Flight Of The Snow Goose (02:43)
08. B2 Preparation (03:54)
09. B3 Dunkirk (05:26)
10. B4 a. Epitaph b. Fritha Alone (03:40)
11. B5 La Princesse Perdue (04:57)
12. B6 The Great Marsh (01:13)

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-Проигрыватель (Turntable) - Dual CS 505-4 (UPGRADE)
-Картридж (Cartridge) - Goldring 1012GX (MM)
-Фонокорректор (Phonostage) - Creek OBH-15 (MM MC)
-Звуковая карта (Sound Card) - E-MU 0404
-Межблочный кабель (Interconnect cable) - Van Den Hul D-102V (with RCA connectors Van Den Hul C-7.3), переходники (adapters) - SWITCHCRAFT 345AX
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